Leslie J Dulin, Fine Artist

I approach painting as an effort to create an appealing design, with color being the star. Most of my paintings have no recognizable subject matter. I start my paintings by choosing one or more colors and spreading, dripping or throwing the paint with unusual tools such as metal spatulas, squeegees, trowels or silicone spatulas. Sometimes I use found objects to create texture and use commercial and hand-cut stencils to add patterns. I evaluate the painting between layers and continue to add paint until I have a balanced and pleasing composition. I spend a lot of time analyzing the structure of my paintings. They don’t just happen. Many of my paintings have multiple starts underneath the final layer. These previous layers contribute texture and sometimes peek out between the final shapes.

My intention is to engage the emotions of the viewer who is free to interpret my paintings in any way they wish. Often others see much more than I do. My titles reflect the overall colors or the feelings I get from a finished painting, but are only meant to suggest meaning.

I am inspired by the the patterns used in contemporary Pop Art, such as in the work of Ryan McGinness; the work of contemporary stencil artists, including Shepard Fairey and Banksy; and the freedom of the Abstract Expressionists, like Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Franz Klein. Among my other ongoing work are also collages and assemblages, which influence my abstract or non-representational paintings.